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Other Systems

The only electronic scoring systems with ISSF approval for all disciplines.

Military Shooting Ranges
Training facilities military

Tailor-made military installations worldwide with electronic hit displays.

Firing point
The FPE06 with printer is a universal control/display device for the shooter and the trainer. The optimal training success is achieved through the exact representation of the shot position. It is characterized by its unrivaled legibility, even in the brightest sunlight. With its waterproof housing, it can be used outdoors without restrictions.

Detection and target systems
The right electronic target is available for every caliber and every distance. Our range of products does not lack folding targets or wireless solutions. SIUS produces a wide variety of detection and target systems that allow bullets with a caliber of 5.56 to 205mm to be located without using a sound chamber.

Control room software
A complete system with many firing points and targets at different distances can be centrally operated, monitored and maintained with the control room software. The central evaluation allows any functions from the display of individual exercise results to ammunition reports and various statistics.

Conventional Shooting Ranges

Conventional systems

Pull and turn target systems for 10m, 25m and 50m

Pull target systems, which are mainly designed for the distances of 10m and 50m, are a very cost-effective variant. They are easy to install and can therefore be realized in practically any shooting range. 
The SA25 turntable is used for the 25m pistol disciplines. It consists of one or more targets and a control unit, which has both fixed and freely adjustable time programs.

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