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The only system with ISSF approval for all disciplines.

Jagd Produkte

Fixed targets for hunting stands

Targets S310 & S110 
The S310 and S110 models are precision targets, differing only in their size. For these models, we offer a vast array of target images, including various circle targets and animal depictions. The special target image "Double-sided Moose" is exclusively designed for the S310 model, while all other target images can be used for both target models.

Open detection system AC13 (Acoustic Detection System)

The AC13 system is specifically designed to detect supersonic projectiles and covers distances from 35 to 1200m. It's compatible with a multitude of target images and is renowned for its user-friendly operation and minimal wear. Additionally, it requires almost no maintenance.

Moving targets for hunting stands

In collaboration with leading manufacturers, SIUS provides premium dynamic targets for hunting platforms. Moreover, customers have the option of enhancing their current targets with SIUS' state-of-the-art electronic detection systems.

Target "Running Moose" S310 
This target, particularly popular in Scandinavia, is often used in conjunction with various moose target images on movable targets. Typically, the "Running Moose" is targeted from a distance of 80m.

Target "Running Boar" S305 Specially designed for the "Running Wild Boar" discipline, the S305 target boasts a detection area half the size of the S310. The usual shooting distance ranges between 50m and 60m.

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