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LS25/50 Laserscore

LS25/50 Laserscore

LASERSCORE – the fully optical target LS25/50 is designed for all disciplines for small caliber rifles and pistols. Thanks to the integrated red/green light signal, it can also be used for rapid fire pistols.

  • Optical multi-precision measurement over the entire target
  • Non-contact projectile detection with 160,000 measurements per second
  • No wear rubber rollers
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Sensational accuracy
  • Weatherproof, can also be used outdoors
  • For all ammunition (single projectiles)
  • Numerous expansion options (e.g. bumper frames for steel-jacketed projectiles)
  • Integrated red/green light signal for 25m pistol
  • Best price performance ratio

ISSF approval phase 1, 2 and 3


The list of spare parts and consumables for the LS25/50 can be accessed here.

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