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SIUS Headquarter Effretikon


In everything we do, we believe in making shooting sports more attractive for athletes, coaches, organizations and spectators. We are a fundamental pillar for the continuous technological development of sport shooting. We achieve this through innovation, the use of the latest technologies and our pursuit of perfection.

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What once started small...

SIUS AG is proud to be the leading supplier in the industry. Years of experience and competent employees are our recipe for success. Every decision we make is driven by our mission to maintain the highest production standards and provide expert customer service.


In a rapidly changing world, it is important to remain flexible and adapt to changing conditions. We work on that. Continuously.  

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Our history

Hans Ruedi Walti

Hansruedi Walti

As early as 1949, we pursued a single goal with the first optical-acoustic signaling systems: to indicate to the shooter his result as quickly and as accurately as possible.

A major milestone in development was the introduction of the electronic large-caliber target based on sound measurement in 1975.

The use of electronic target systems, which offer the highest accuracy in the small caliber and airgun ranges, was achieved in the 1990s by upgrading the system to four microphones and improving the electronics. This development contributed to the shooting sport's ability to hold its own in the environment of competing Olympic sports to this day.

LASERSCORE - after further years of research and development, SIUS achieved another breakthrough in 2010. The world's first laser target for air guns and small bore went into production.

At major shooting events, it is not only the shooters who are interested in the results - today, modern ranking programs and multimedia software also allow spectators to follow the competitions shot by shot at close range, both at the shooting range and at home on their computer and TV screens.

We thank our customers for their trust in our systems and assure all new customers of our experienced and competent support.

Leadership team

Daniel Isliker leads the company as CEO. With Thomas Walti, the company is already in the hands of the second generation.

Daniel Isliker

Daniel Isliker


Thomas Walti

Thomas Walti

Vice President of the Board of Directors

Reference projects

Sydney, Australia

• 60x10m
• 40 x 25m
• 60x50m
• Final Hall

Sydney International Shooting Centre

The shooting range of the 2000 Summer Olympics was reequipped in 2018.

SPS Sydney
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