Training courses

We offer coaching in start-up, handling and maintenance of SIUS equipment. We will provide you with all the information you need and bring you to the newest level of knowledge. If there are a sufficient number of entries, it is possible to adapt the training to individual requirements or even to conduct a training according to your specific demands. All courses are held in our Swiss headquarter.

For further information or application please contact us: training@sius.com
  Range maintenance technician
This course is designed for range maintenance technicians. It contains the training of handling and maintenance of devices and targets.
Topics: Maintenance of the whole installation
  Handling (barcodes)
Requirements: Knowledge of shooting sports
  Active member in a shooting club
  Shooting club with SIUS equipment
Purposes: Participants are able to conduct the maintenance of the targets independently
  Participants are able to carry out easy repairs by themselves
  Participants are able to use the control unit independently

Participants are able to interpret most of the messages
and take the next steps need to be taken
  Participants knows, when they have to contact the SIUS customer support
Duration: A whole day

On request

On request
  SIUS Software Collection
This course is recommended for all users of SIUS Software. Training of handling and use of the software: SIUS Barcode Library, SIUSDATA, SIUSRANK, etc. will be done.
Topics: Installation of software
  Examples of use

Basic level of computer skills
(please take your own Laptop/Notebook with you)

Participants are able to install and use SIUS Software independently

Participants know the possibilities of and limits to the use
of the SIUS Software
Duration: A whole day
Costs: On request

On request