Military training systems
Customized training systems worldwide
Firing point
The FPE06 shooter’s monitor, with printer, is an all-purpose display device for shooter and coach. An optimal training opportunity can be achieved, thanks to the accurate indication of the position of a hit. The FPE06 shooter’s monitor offers exceptional readability even in the glare of the sun. With its waterproof casing, outdoor operation is unrestricted.

Detection and target system
We have a suitable electronic target system for every caliber and every distance. Together with conventional target systems, we also have wireless targets and solutions. SIUS produces a variety of target units which may be used for weapons from 5.56 to 205mm.

Control room software
One single computer can control a complete shooting range with numerous firing points and targets at different distances. The central data acquisition systems allows many functions displaying single or multiple results, ammunition reports and statistics.

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