The world’s first hybrid electronic target
for pistol and small bore rifle

The target HS25/50 HYBRIDSCORE is designed for small bore rifle and pistol. Equipped with red/green light signals, the target can also be used for rapid fire pistol.

Hybrid-System (double IR beam and acoustic measurement)
Contact-free shot measurement across the
inner target planet (no wear material)
No parallax errors
Sensational and consistent accuracy
Many configuration possibilities
(e.g. reinforced front frame for steel shell and big bore projectiles, up to a maximum of 1500 Joules, V0<380m/sec)
Worldwide patent application
Unbeatable price/performance ratio

«HS25/50 – the world’s first hybrid target for 25m/50m pistol and small bore rifle»
«HS25/50 – basic configuration of the target for 25m resp. 50m rifle and pistol»
«HS25/50 – Installation, Start-up, Maintenance»
«HS25/50 – Mounting of target holders»
Manual replacement of red/green light signals
«Installation new light signal RGL02»
Info sheet
«Adapter plate for airguns and small bore rifle/pistol – 10m, 15m and 50ft»

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